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LTE Benefits, Wi-Fi Economics

Product Description

LEMKO EZ LTE Access Point

LEMKO Corporation’s EZ LTE Access Point (EZ LTE AP) is based on 3GPP 4G LTE technology.

The EZ LTE AP highlights LEMKO’s patented approach that virtualizes the EPC and IMS core and integrates it with each eNodeB – it is essentially “coreless LTE”. This breakthrough approach allows virtually anyone to deploy EZ LTE Access Points in the same fashion as Wi-Fi Access Points and enjoy the same economics and operational model as Wi-Fi but with the added security, efficiency, and quality of service that LTE provides. LEMKO’s EZ LTE AP fully leverages the economics of the Internet.

EZ LTE’s self-enclosed, compact unit includes the virtualized EPC and eNodeB, making it suited for private indoor or outdoor usage. A single EZ LTE AP provides a complete 4G LTE network including SMS, high speed data, and video.  EZ LTE AP’s can be interconnected with a simple IP connection to form a homogeneous network spanning from tens to hundreds of sites.

Key Benefits:

• “Drop-n-Go” deployment as simple as Wi-Fi but with added LTE security, quality of service, and performance
• EZ LTE is secure, behind your firewall, running on your existing network
• Lowest cost per GB accelerates OPEX savings via distributed virtualized EPC
• Ruggedized compact design enclosures, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage
• EZ LTE is available on 3.65GHz
• EZ LTE enables affordable connectivity

Product Specification:

• LTE eNodeB – working frequency 3650MHz-3700MHz
• EPC Core (MME, HSS, PGW, SGW, PCRF, and IMS)
• Full IMS core
• HSS subscriber database, and authentication
• 96 active users (2W)
• High speed data – Peak 90Mbps DL/40 Mbps UL
• Video calls
• 4G 3GPP compliant LTE air interface

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